Cut-Through Communications

for enterprises, small businesses, not-for-profits, B2B, and technology brands.

Mylan cut through communications


Media relations

Media relations

Proactive and reactive press office management based on strong local relationships

Crisis communications

Crisis communications

Strategic communications during crises, and forward planning for potential risks

Content development

Content development

Fast turn-around of high-quality blogs, social media content, corporate bios, website content and more

Media training

Media training

Half-day training sessions to ensure spokespeople take control of the interview

Thought leadership

Thought leadership

Generating cut-through with unique thought leadership messaging and press office activities

Corporate profiling

Corporate profiling

Strategic positioning of industry experts to boost their reputation and industry rapport


I've worked with many people through my career; Mylan is one of the most intelligent, honest, effective people I've ever met. When we needed a business partner to help expand our PR and communications efforts, we chose Mylan. The best thing about her team is that they function seamlessly as an extension of Avertro. She understands our industry, and knows exactly how we like to collaborate. Mylan actively ensures we can consistently reach our audience effectively and in an engaging manner. At Avertro, we've been working with Vu Consulting for some time. Our ability to garner coverage in the public domain is tangible evidence that our partnership with Mylan and her team works.

Ian Yip

CEO, Avertro

We are so grateful for the wonderful support Vu Consulting has given us. As a small but incredibly busy community legal centre, communications and PR is an area we have struggled with but in the last few months we’ve done more media than we have done in years. This is all thanks to the help of Mylan, Caroline and the team at Vu Consulting. Their professional approach, expertise and willingness to so generously give their time is greatly appreciated, as is their patience with me as I’ve gone through the learning curve of engaging with media! I have no hesitation recommending Vu Consulting to any business or NFP needing help with comms and PR.

Gregory Rohan

Director, IARC

As a Domestic Violence charity, we have greatly benefited from working with Vu Consulting. The professional team took the time to understand deeply what we wanted to achieve and worked with our organisation to develop a campaign that exceeded our expectations. After only a short period of working together, through their unique approach Mylan and her team instantly won our trust and respect. They're professional, quick to respond to the news and have in-depth knowledge in the media and charity spaces. Their positive working relationship made it an impressive experience. Through working with the team, Zen Tea Lounge Foundation received multiple pieces of coverage in the media, including articles and podcasts across the education, not-for-profit, business and parenting spaces. We would not hesitate to recommend Vu Consulting.

Amy Nguyen

Founder, Zen Tea Lounge Foundation

Mylan and the rest of her team at Vu Consulting have been a wonderful support to the social enterprise I've founded, Welcome Merchant. We started working with them less than a month ago and we've already seen some wonderful results - at least 4 media articles about our upcoming events. Mylan's very professional, easy to communicate with and is genuinely a good person. Thank you Mylan!

Marjorie Tenchavez

Founder, Welcome Merchant

An absolute stand out! Mylan smashed our PR objectives in an incredibly specialised niche B2B space. She was very quick to align with our business objectives, very responsive and went above and beyond to help us out when it was clear that media deadlines were at risk. Highly recommend her work. We are certainly happy (and repeat) clients of hers!

Amanda Siqueira

CEO and Co-Founder, VAPAR

Mylan is an exceptional PR professional and an asset to any team or company. Throughout my time working with Mylan, she has been a dependable, capable and integral part of our PR team, and has been available to us day or night to make sure we meet deadlines and achieve the results we need. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Mylan and sincerely hope our paths cross again.

Rebecca Gill

Corporate Communications Manager, TechnologyOne

Mylan is someone that is always there on the end of the line to assist, listen, or provide guidance. She is intimately knowledgeable and generous in time and support. She created and fostered a great bond between the companies from our first engagement between Hotwire and Rackspace, and her mentorship would be valued by all that engage with her

Vanessa Cremona

Communications and Brand Manager, Asia-Pacific, Rackspace

I'm so happy that I have a very strong team who are supporting my small social enterprise now. To be honest, I was lost and I couldn't look after SalamaTea House marketing anymore because I had too much on my plate. Since Amy and the team have been supporting me it has changed a lot and I feel so much better and can focus more on other things at the cafe. The SalamaTea House team and I are so lucky to have the Vu Consulting team to support us. I am looking forward to meeting you all in person and if any time you come to Melbourne you should definitely come to our cafe so I could host you with our delicious food.

Hamed Allahyari

Owner, Sunshine Cafe and SalamaTea House

Highly recommend Mylan for blog writing for your business. She has an amazing turnaround and her writing is succinct and to the point. We worked virtually and it was not a problem at all! Thanks Mylan!

Felicity Lockyer

Executive Director, My Care My Choice

All Together Now worked with Vu Consulting to launch a research report, and we were so impressed with their work! Vu picked up the nuances of the issue we work on very quickly, and drafted a media release and other PR material that required almost no reworking from us. Vu also successfully landed 70+ media mentions within 24 hours of the media release. They are very proactive and easy to work with, very highly recommended!

Priscilla Brice

Managing Director, All Together Now